星际散装 Carriers Corp. Agrees to Acquire up to Seven 干散货船 From E.R.资本控股

星际散装  Carriers Corp. Agrees to Acquire up to Seven 干散货船 From E.R.资本控股

希腊THENS,2018年8月29日(GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—星际散货船公司“Company” or “Star Bulk”(Nasdaq:SBLK)(Oslo:SBLK-R)是一家专注于干散货运输的全球航运公司,今天宣布已与E.R. Capital Holding GmbH的关联实体签订整体最终协议& Cie. KG (“E.R.”  or “Sellers” ), pursuant to which the 公司 will acquire three (3) firm operating dry bulk vessels (the “Step 1 船只s”) within 2018 ( the “Step 1 Acquisition”), and four (4) optional operating dry bulk vessels (the “Step 2 船只s”) in 2019 (the “Step 2 Acquisition”), and together the “Vessels”. Subject to agreeing a three party novation agreement with charterers and E.R., any charterparties existing at the time of the deliveries of each of the 船只s shall be novated to 星际散装 .

The 步骤1船只 will be acquired for an aggregate of approximately 1.34 million common shares of 星际散装 (the “Step 1 Consideration 分享”) and $41.70 million in cash. The number of Step 1 Consideration 分享 to be issued is subject to adjustments for the 公司’s cash, debt and remaining capital expenditures as of one business day prior to the delivery date of each of the 步骤1船只. The cash portion of the consideration for 步骤1船只 will be financed through proceeds of a new five-year term loan of $41.0 million from a major European commercial bank. Following the consummation of the Step 1 Acquisition, E.R. will own approximately 1.45% of SBLK common shares.

In relation to the  Step 2 船只s, the Sellers have  granted four call options to the 公司 for an aggregate exercise price of $115.39 million or $28.85 million per Step 2 船只 (the “Call Options”),  exercisable on April 1ST  2019年。同时,公司已向ER授予四份认沽期权,总行使价为1.0539亿美元,即每只Step 2容器(“认沽期权”)可在2019年4月2日至2019年4月4日(包括首尾两天)行使2 635万美元。 ),如果公司未行使看涨期权。看涨期权和看跌期权的总行使价由公司选择以2/3现金和1/3的Star Bulk普通股(“第2步代价股份”)或100%现金支付。将要发行给ER的第二步代价股份的数量(如果有的话)将由公司的资产净值确定,该资产净值将基于独立船只评估师截至2019年3月31日的平均船只估值,并将截至第二步每艘船交付之日前一个工作日,对公司的现金,债务和剩余资本支出进行调整。


船只 B 载重吨 租船人 宪章

勃艮第 2010 现代汽车
180,000 重大的
$ 12,000 20年1月30日 20年3月30日
ER勃兰登堡 2010 HI 180,000 重大的
$ 20,000 19年10月30日 20年4月30日
ER布赖顿 2010 现代汽车
第1步总计 415,600
ER美国 2010 大宇
巴约纳 2010 HI 180,000
婆罗洲 2010 HI 180,000
ER布宜诺斯艾利斯 2010 HI 180,000
步骤2的总船只 720,000
累计 1,135,600

The deliveries of Step 1 and 步骤2船只 (subject to the exercise of the Call or Put Option) remain also subject to customary closing conditions, including the novation of any existing charter parties of the 船只s. The 公司 expects to take delivery of 步骤1船只 in Q4 2018, while 步骤2船只 deliveries, subject to the exercise of the Call or Put Option, are expected to take place between early April and mid July 2019.

After giving effect to Step 1 Acquisition and Step 2 Acquisition, 星际散装 will have a fleet of 115 vessels on a fully delivered basis, aggregate cargo-carrying capacity of approximately 13.39 million deadweight tons and vessels with an average age of 7.5 years.

Petros Pappas, Chief Executive Officer of 星际散装 , commented:

I am very pleased that 星际散装 is acquiring a high quality, modern fleet from E.R. in a ST ructured transaction that combines attractive prices with flexibility for the 公司. We are excited to expand our footprint in the Capesize segment, especially in a period that the dry bulk market is tightening. It is also with great pleasure to welcome a prominent ship owner, Mr. Erck Rickmers, to our shareholder base and believe that this transaction validates once again 星际散装 ’s  ability to use our shares as currency in accretive acquisitions for our shareholders.“

关于 星际散装

星际散装 是一家全球航运公司,提供干散货领域的全球海运解决方案。星空散货船运输的主要散装货物包括铁矿石,煤炭和谷物,以及较小的散装货物,包括铝土矿,化肥和钢铁产品。 星际散装 于2006年12月13日在马绍尔群岛注册成立,并在希腊雅典设有执行办公室。其普通股在纳斯达克全球精选市场上的交易代码为“ SBLK”,在奥斯陆证券交易所的代码为“ SBLK R”。在完全交付的基础上,星空散货船队将拥有111艘船,总运力为1,267万载重吨,包括17艘新堡,20艘好望角,2艘微型好望角,7艘巴拿马型,35坎萨马克,2艘,16艘超大型和12艘超灵便型船,载重量在52,055载重吨至209,537载重吨之间。该公司持有看涨期权,并已在4艘好望角型船舶上出售了各自的看跌期权,行使日期为2019年4月上旬。


本新闻稿中讨论的事项可能构成前瞻性陈述。 1995年的《私人证券诉讼改革法案》为前瞻性声明提供了安全港保护,以鼓励公司提供有关其业务的前瞻性信息。前瞻性陈述包括与计划,目标,目标,策略,未来事件或业绩有关的陈述,以及与历史事实的陈述不同的基本假设和其他陈述。

The 公司 desires to take advantage of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and is including this cautionary ST atement in connection with this safe harbor legislation. The words “believe,” “anticipate,” “intends,” “estimate,” “forecast,” “project,” “plan,” “potential,” “may,” “should,” “expect,” “pending” and similar expressions identify forward-looking ST atements.

The forward-looking ST atements in this press release are based upon various assumptions, many of which are based, in turn, upon further assumptions, including without limitation, examination by the 公司’s management of historical operating trends, data contained in its records and other data available from third parties. Although the 公司 believes that these assumptions were reasonable when made, because these assumptions are inherently subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies which are difficult or impossible to predict and are beyond the 公司’s control, the 公司 cannot assure you that it will achieve or accomplish these expectations, beliefs or projections.





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